Company History
Supply Med was founded since October 1997, which is in the financial crisis in Thailand During the economic circumstances problems , baht depreciation and many business collapse. Our Management Team , who expertise in the medical device business for more than 2 decades have been reconised in the possibilities and opportunities to start businesses that focus on renal care products by producing in domestic to replace imports. We started with Research and Development Product, Procedure Design , Production and Control System of Dry Dialysate Powder for Artificial Dialysis Machine. And now , we are the first of Dry Dialysate Manufacture in Thailand. And aims to be a leader of this market..The company committed to developing a quality system to meet international standards , undergoing a process to obtain the certification GMP, ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 13485: 2003 soon and intentions to produce a good quality products. will become accepted in the medical field.

Set of dialysis powder for artificial dialysismachine classify as following :
1. Part A can be mixed with purified water (Deionized Water) to be a acidity concentrate solution , contained in plastic package.
2. Part B can be mixed with purified water (Deionized Water) to be a alkalidity concentrate solution , contained in plastic package or catridge.

Both part is conjunction together and use a mix ratio depending on the setting of a dialysis machine, such as 35 X rate are as follows: A: B: Deionize Water = 1:. 1.225: 32.775 etc..

Set chemical powder for dialysis grafts under seal "Diapure".


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