Product Description

Product name : Bicarbonate Cartridge 720 / 940 g
Special Features :

Diapure Cartridge is a polypropylene column and is a key component. In the dialysis machine. Designed to be mixed solution by eliminating contamination and reduce the risk of disease, storage and transportation cost.

Utilize :

Diapure Cartridge attached to a special holder, deionized water pass through to mix the saturate bicarbonate solution and ready to use. The alkaline concentrate solution is then proportioned in dialysis machine.

Size packed   : 2 size are 720 and 940 grams.
No. of pieces per box : 10. Set
Chemicals used :

Each Diapure contain with Sodium Bicarbonate powder purity > 90%.
(USP, BP and Eur. Ph.grade ).

Capacity :

Compatible with a dialysis machine. To produce a solution. Sodium bicarbonate concentration of approximately 200 liters (260 liters).
The review period for use as follows.

Flow rate of dialysis machine
500 ml/min
700 ml/min
720 g
6 hr 45 min
4 hr 50 min
940 g
8 hr 45 min
6 hr 20 min

Storage :

Keep in good ventilation area and temperature Below 40 degrees
Celcius or 104  degrees Farenheit.

Shelf Life : 2 years (based on the label specified expiration date).
Quality Control :

Quality control of manufacturing systems requirements under GMP,
ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485:2003. Quality check and review every step of production.

Deionized Water  

Pure water used to dilute concentrate hemodialysis solutions.
Water must be filtered through the steps to be used in medical standards and suitable quality. (AAM, Ph, Eur.BP).

Compatibility :

Products compatible with the chemistry of dialysis solution concentration. Valuable acidity. Then mixed with pure water in the ratio A:B:Water = 1:1.225:32.775. Results of the dissolution of the set of dialysate powder (machine settings 35X) as follows.






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